Fatalities: 1840s

1840s | Fatal Accidents

Date Pit Name Age
18/04/1845 North Boig pit David Shannon 36
22/12/1846 Mansfield Colliery George Brown 36
12/12/1847 Nithsdale Iron Co. John Riggs ?

1840s | New Cumnock Coalfield

Mansfield Colliery: Situated on Grievehill on the Mansfield estate owned by Sir Charles Stuart-Menteth. He was created 1st Baron of Mansfield and Closeburn in 1838 and passed away in 1847 when he was suceeded by his son Sir James Stuart-Menteth.

Nithsdale Iron Works: Formed in 1847 by John Nicholson, William Muschamp and Nicholas Ward from the north-east of England which was established on the banks of the Connel Burn. They had acquired a lease of the Afton Minerals and the right to produce pig-iron. Experienced iron-workers from Shotley Bridge and Consett, County Durham were brought to get the new venture underway. [J.L.Carvel]

North Boig Pit: One of a number of small pits in the parish at the time.