Miners Rows


J.L. Carvel in ‘The New Cumnock Coal-Field’ [1] gives the following definition of the Miners Rows in New Cumnock,

‘These early houses were generally built in rows to save materials and space and huddled together near collieries. They consisted mainly of a “but-and-a-ben” – that was a tiny house of two rooms that were kitchen and bedroom. A few yards from the door were the outhouses containing a dry-closet, shared probably by half a dozen or more families, and the supply of coal which was provided as part of the collier’s earnings. Sometimes there was a little strip of garden’


1. Connel Park Old Football Row, New Football Row, Long Row, Store Row, Low Boig Road, High Boig Road, Honeymoon Row, Stepends Row, Railway Terrace, Bankbrae Row
2. Craigbank Peesweep Row, Plantation Row, Front Row, Stable Row, Blair Street, The Crescent
3. Bank Furnaces  
4. Lanemark Row  
5. Burnside  
6. Burnfoot Row  
7. Beoch  
8. Coalburn