1868: Adam Dickie

1868 September 11 | North Boig Pit

  • Adam Dickie (23) | crushed engine

Adam Dickie was born on 16th May 1842 at Ayr the first child of Thomas Dickie, wright and Jessie Paton. The family later lived at Content Street, Ayr where father and son worked as cabinet-makers.

Adam moved to Connel Park, New Cumnock and found work at the North Boig pit, the minerals here now leased by the Lanemark Coal Company.


By Permission of the National Library of Scotland

On the 11th September 1868 the 23 year-old batchelor was killed through ‘injuries by coming into contact with the crank of the engine at the North Boig coal-pit‘.

In the extract of the accident taken from the Annual Reports of the Inspector of Mines and given in the Scottish Mining web-site, the Inspector explains that Adam Dickie was engaged as an assistant engineman and that half an hour into his shift his crushed body was found.

“It was imagined that he had been working about the valve of the “feed pump,” when by some overlook on his part his dress had got entangled with the crank of the engine, and he was drawn round with it and crushed against the sides of the recess formed in the floor, in which the crank revolved”.


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