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Ayrshire, Scotland

Thank you for visiting New Cumnock and we hope you enjoy your stay as we share with you some of its special story and hopefully revealKnockenll its rich history and place in Scotland.

This web-site is devoted to the history of the parish of New Cumnock, Ayrshire in the Southern Uplands of Scotland.

New Cumnock History Latest Updates


Recent additions to Place- Names

Shiel , Shiel BurnStellhead RigMid Hill,
Midhill Stell
Lairhag BurnKnockenlee Burn,
Knockenlee Bridge
Big How
Yarngallows KnoweGreenheadMontraw,
Montraw Burn
Creel FordCastle (village), Castle InnAfton Water & Glen Afton
Long CraigLong Break Windy Edge
Castle Green Blarene, Blarene Hill,
Blarene Burn,
Blarene Level
Big Coupla, Little Coupla
and Couplagate
Lochbrowan Hill
The DungeonLaglass HillDingle Brae
Burnston, Burnston Burn
and Burnston Bog
Lochingirroch Burn
Stonecross BurnPochriegavin BurnPollach, Pollach Burn
Buchanny Cairn (site of)Redhall BurnKnocknide Hill
Corsencon & Corsencon HillSwinkey BurnCraig of Bahoun
Old March Burn(s)Hungry HillBurnfoot of Carcow

Please be sure to call again as new chapters are added to the history of New Cumnock.

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