04: Sir James Stuart-Menteth

Sir James Stuart-Menteth

Residence: Closeburn, Dumfriesshire and Mansfield House, New Cumnock


The Reverend Doctor James Menteth, Rector of Barrowby in Lincolnshire acquired the lands of Closeburn, Dumfriesshire and about the same time he changed the family name to Stuart-Menteth. Some time before 1816 his eldest son Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth purchased part of the Mansfield estate from Thomson Honyman (see above). He developed the Mansfield coal reserves (Grievehill) and established highly efficient lime kilns and made great strides in land improvement.

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In 1838, the baronetcy of Closeburn and Mansfield was created with the now Sir Charles, the 1st Baronet (left). Following his death in 1847 he was succeeded by his eldest son Sir James Stuart-Menteth. Presumably this is the Sir James Menteth that appears in the allocation in church seats.

Proprietor Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth / Cess Roll 1816: Garclaugh, Garrieve, Garrieve Crawford

Note: The lands of Garrieve were renamed as Mansfield by then owner Sir James Stirling in honour of his wife Alison Mansfield; he was created 1st Baronet of Mansfield in 1792. Garrive Crawford (Nether Garrieve) were those lands held by the Crawford family, including Hugh Crawford the first minister of the parish of New Cumnock.


Proprietor Sir James Stuart-Menteth / Valuation Rolls 1855 : Mansfield Mains, Hall of Mansfield, Clayslaps, Roughside, Gatehead, Meikle Garclaugh, Little Garclaugh, Glen


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