Fatalities: 1840s

1840s | Fatal Accidents

Date Pit Name Age

18 APR

North Boig pit

fell down shaft

David Shannon 36

22 DEC

Mansfield Colliery

fall of coal

George Brown 36

12 DEC

Nithsdale Iron Co.

fell down shaft

John Riggs ?

1840s | New Cumnock Coalfield

Mansfield Colliery: Situated on Grievehill on the Mansfield estate owned by Sir Charles Stuart-Menteth. He was created 1st Baron of Mansfield and Closeburn in 1838 and passed away in 1847 when he was suceeded by his son Sir James Stuart-Menteth.

Nithsdale Iron Works: Formed in 1847 by John Nicholson, William Muschamp and Nicholas Ward from the north-east of England which was established on the banks of the Connel Burn. They had acquired a lease of the Afton Minerals and the right to produce pig-iron. Experienced iron-workers from Shotley Bridge and Consett, County Durham were brought to get the new venture underway. [J.L.Carvel]

North Boig Pit: One of a number of small pits in the parish at the time.



  • The New Cumnock Coalfield, J. L. Carvel  (1946)

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