Place-name:Peat Sike
Suggested Meaning:‘peaty sluggish stream’
1st element:Scots peat
2nd element:Scots sike, syke ‘sluggish stream’
Blaeu Coila (1654):No Entry
OS Name Books (1855-57):Peat Syke
Location:Peat Sike


A reference to the peaty nature of the sike.

Sike, Syke

The name appears as Peat Sike on the Ordnance Survey Map while the Ordnance Survey Name Book entry is Peat Syke.

A Sike or Syke is described as –

A small stream, rill or water-course, especially one that meanders through a hollow or across flat or boggy ground and is freqently dry in summer

Dictionary of the Scots Language [2]

the sheughs and the sykes

Laird of Logan “Colin Dulap” [3]

The Peat Sike flows into the Beoch Lane as does Mitchell’s Syke and Otter Sike.

Map 1: Peat Syke | Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland


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Reproduced with the Permission of National Library of Scotland
Map 1: Ordnance Survey 6 inch (1892-1960) |Peat Sike
Ordnance Survey Name Books
By Permission of Scotland’s Places
Ayrshire OS Name Books (1855-57) Vol. 49|Peat Syke