03: David Snodgrass Buchanan

David Snodgrass Buchanan Esq. of Cunninghamehead

Residence : Cunninghamehead Mansion, near Irvine

Buchanan of Cunninghamehead

Knockshinnoch and Little Mains were acquired by D. Snodgrass Buchanan Esquire of Cunninghamehead following the death of the previous proprietor James Logan of Knockshinnoch in 1790; the Logan family establishing a new home at nearby Laight. In 1793 Snodgrass is listed as one of the major landowners in the parish by the Rev. James Young in his Statistical Account of the parish  of New Cumnock. These lands passed to Niel Snodgrass Buchanan, his second son.


Proprietor C.S. Buchanan / Cess Tax Roll 1816 :  Knockhinnoch, Little Mains

Proprietor Trustees of Niel Griffith Snodgrass / Valuation Rolls 1855 : Carcow & Ashmark, Knockhinnoch, Laight, Castle Farm (Little Mains) , Castle Inn


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