01: Marquess of Bute

John Crichton-Stuart,  2nd Marquess of Bute

Residence: Mountstuart House, Bute & Dumfries House, Old Cumnock

MarquisofButeJohn Stuart was born in 1793, son to John Stuart, Viscount Mount Stuart and Lady Elizabeth Penelope McDouall Crichton. His parents died within four years of his birth and John was brought up at Dumfries House, Cumnock home of his maternal grandfather Patrick, 6th Earl of Dumfries. Following Patrick’s death in 1803 and that of his paternal grandfather John, 1st Marquess of Bute, he inherited both estates and became the first in line of the Crichton-Stuarts.

Hereditary titles include Marquess of Bute, Earl of Dumfries and among others the Lord Crichton of Cumnock – a title the Crichtons had held since 1633, along with lands in what are now parishes of Old Cumnock and New Cumnock .


Proprietor Earl of Dumfries / Land Tax Roll 1803: Daleagles Younger, Over Blackcraig, Brunstone, Craigman, Lochbrowan, Pollosh

Proprietor Tutor of Marquess of Bute / Valuation Rolls 1855: Auchincross, Benston, Over Blackcraig, Blackwood & Auchens, Burnton & Hillhead, Nether and Over Cairn, Clocklowie & Roughside, Corsencon Midton and Netherton, Craigshield, Little Creoch, Meikle Creoch, Clocklowie & Lethans, Dalgig (part of), Fardenreoch & Greenburn, Hall of Auchincross, Harehill, Hillend of Corsencon & Merkland,  Home?, Lochbrowan & Pollosh, Lochingerroch & Glenlee, Lochside, East Lowes & Lochhill, Mid Lowes, Lowesmuir, West Lowes, Mossmark of Oldmill, Oldmill, Polshill, Rigghead, Nether Waistland and Wellhill & Crook.