Place-Names: L

Lagan Hill G. lagan ‘little hollow’ + SSE hill
Laglaff G. lag ‘hollow’ + G. laff
Laglass Hill G. lag ‘hollow’ +G. glas ‘grey, green’
Lagower HillG. lag ‘hollow’ + G. gobhar ‘goat’
Laigh CoalburnS. laigh ‘low’ + Place-Name:Coalburn
Laigh ParkS. laigh ‘low’ + S. park ‘enclosed field’
Laight G. leac ‘slab, flat-stone, tombstone’
Lairhag BurnS. lair ‘place for lying down, probably sheep’
S. hag ‘marshy hollow piece of ground in a moor’
S. burn ‘stream’
Lamb Hill x2
Lane Burn S. lane ‘slow-moving stream’ + S. burn ‘stream’
Lanehead S. lane ‘slow-moving stream’ + SSE head ‘head, source’
Lanemark S. lane ‘slow-moving stream’ + S. mark ‘merk-land’
Lanemark MossMoss on the lands of Lanemark
LanesideScots lane ‘slow-moving stream’ + SSE side
Laneside farm at the side of Beoch Lane
Langlee Burn 
Legate S. liggate ‘self-closing gate’
LethansG. leathann ‘broad’
Lethans Hill x2G. leathann ‘broad’
Limekiln BurnNamed after the limekilns at Guelt Lime Works
Lingie Hill
Linn Burn (1)
Mansfield Linn
Linn Burn
Nether Linn
Upper Linn
Scots linn ‘waterfall’
Personal name : Mansfield
Linn Burn (2)Scots linn ‘waterfall’
Linn Burn (3)Scots linn ‘waterfall’ + S. burn ‘stream’
Linn Water S. linn ‘waterfall’ + SSE water
Little Coupla SSE little + Place-Name: Coupla
Little CreochSSE little
Little Dalhanna SSE little + Place-Name: Dalhanna
Little Garclaugh SSE little
LittlemarkSSE. little + ‘ S. mark ‘unit of land valued at a mark’
Little Poljorg Burn 
Little Rigend SSE little
Littlechang Hill SSE little
Littledodd Hill SSE little
Loch RigS. loch ‘loch, lake’ + S. rig ‘ridge’
Lochbrowan Hill 
G. lag ‘hollow’ G. Gaelic bhruighne ‘fort’
G. lag ‘hollow’ G. Gaelic bruighinn ‘fairy hill’
SSE hill
Lochill / Lochillpreviously East Lowes – See Lowes
Lochingirroch, Lochingirroch Burn G. lag ‘hollow’ G. caorach ‘sheep’
Gaelic Lag na gCaorach  ‘hollow of the sheep’
Lochmeharb Gaelic Lag na h-earba ‘hollow of the hind, roe’
Loch O’ The LowesS. lowis ‘lochs’ – ‘Loch of the Lochs’
Lochside S. loch ‘loch,lake’ + SSE side
Lochside Loch A name briefly applied to Loch O’ Th’ Lowes and named after nearby Lochside house and farm (which was named for being in the side of the Loch O’ Th’ Lowes!).
Logan HillG. ‘little hollow’ + SSE hill
Long BreakSSE long ‘long’ + SSE break ‘break in rock, gap’
Long Craig SSE long ‘long’ + S. craig ‘craig, rock’
Longhouse Burn 
Loup Burn S. loup ‘jump’
Loupsheugh Burn,
Rig, Rigg
S. loup ‘jump’ + S. sheugh ‘ditch’
Lowes; East, West, MidS. lowis ‘lochs’
Lowesmuir , Lowesmuir MountPlace-name: Lowes + S. muir ‘moorland, heath’
S. munt ‘low tree covered hill”
Lowmount Plantation low ‘lower down the hill’
S. munt ‘low tree covered hill’
S. plantation ‘group of trees’
G. Gaelic, S. Scots, SSE, Standard Scottish English