Fatalities: 1870s

Out of darkness, Into light | 1870s

05/12/1870Boig1William McMath
15/04/1871South Boig1John Penman
15/04/1871South Boig2James Penman
26/10/1872South Boig1William Ferguson
14/05/1873Lanemark No.11Andrew Rae
20/10/1873Boig No.11Alexander Anderson
26/10/1874Lanemark No.21Robert Ross
05/02/1875Lanemark (Afton)1William Mayberry
20/01/1876Lanemark No.11Alexander McBrochan or Thomson
30/04/1877Boag1Hugh Smith
20/11/1877Pathhead 1William Wilson
31/01/1878Lanemark No.11Alexander McSephney
15/07/1878Lanemark No.11James Ferguson

1870s| New Cumnock Coalfield

Bank Coal Company: In 1871 the Bank Coal Company acquired Knockshinnoch minerals. The Knockshinnoch No.1 and No.2 pits were sank and worked continuously until they were abandoned in 1878, the year in  which  John Hylsop died.

New Bank Coal Company: Following the death of John Hyslop, his son and heir William Hyslop formed the New Bank Coal Company.

1873BankBank Coal Co.
1873BeochDalmellington Iron Co.
1873MansfieldJames Gray
1873PathheadJames Gray
1873CoalburnJas. McNicol
1873LanemarkLanemark Coal Co.
1873South BoigLanemark Coal Co.
1873StraidLanemark Coal Co.

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