Fatalities: 1860s

Out of darkness, Into light | 1860s

25/05/1862Bank Pit1William Samson
26/02/1866Bank Pit1Thomas Patrick
26/02/18662Matthew Morrison
24/08/1867Coalburn Pit1James Polland
31/05/1867Bank Pit1Hugh Brown
11/09/1868North Boig Pit1Adam Dickie
Mining fatalities Scotland (1866)


1860s | New Cumnock Coalfield

1860PathheadArchibald Gray and Company.
1860BankBank Coal Company (Hyslop and McKenzie)
1860South BoigEaglesham and Dunlop
1860RiggendGeorge Sloan
1860CoalburnNisbet, Wilson and Co.
1860CraigmanNisbet, Wilson and Co.
1860MansfieldSir James  Stuart-Menteth.
1860StraideWm. Barrowman and Co.
1866PathheadArchibald Gray and Company.
1866BankBank Coal Company (Hyslop and McKenzie)
1866RiggendGeorge Sloan
1866CoalburnJ. McNicol.
1866MansfieldJames Gray
1866LanemarkLanemark Coal Company.
1866South BoigLanemark Coal Company.
1866StraidLanemark Coal Company.
1866CraigmanNisbet, Wilson and Co.
1869BankBank Coal Company
1869PatheadArchibald Gray and Company.
1869MansfieldArchibald Gray and Company.
1869CoalburnJ McNichol.
1869LanemarkLanemark Coal Company.
1869South BoigLanemark Coal Company.
1869StraidLanemark Coal Company.

Bank Coal Company: In 1860 John Hyslop of Bank founded the Bank Coal Company.  There had been a number of pits on the lands adjoining the Hyslop’s home. These were small units, each employing between twenty and thirty miners. Hyslop acquired the furnaces and collieries of the ill-fated Nithsdale Iron Works. In 1863 the Creoch branch line, from the Glasgow-Carlisle line, was completed at which time John Hyslop acquired two partners , John Mackenzie and his brother Kenneth.  They deepened Bank No. 2, sank a new Bank No.1 and Bank No.3 all before 1868 [Carvel].

Lanemark Coal Company: In 1865 Robert Brown, John Hunter and James Paton formed the Lanemark Coal Company. Brown from Ayr, had previously headed a syndicate that leased the right to work the minerals on the lands of South Boig.  In 1863 Hunter of Burnfoot in the neighbouring parish of Dalmellington had taken a lease of the Lanemark minerals. Paton a business man from Ayr was a partner in the Clyde Iron Works and had interest in a number of enterprises in Ayr [Carvel].

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