Place-Names: B

Bank Formerly St. Brigit’s Bank
Barbeys HillG. bar ‘hill’ + G. beith ‘birch’ +SSE hill
Barney HillG. bearna ‘pass’ + SSE hill
Barscalloch Burn
Bedminnie Hill, Moss
Benty Cowan Hill G. beinn tigh gobha ‘hill of the house of the smith’
Nether Beoch
Upper Beoch
Beoch Lane
G. beitheach ‘a place of birches , birchwood’
S. nether ‘lowing lying’ +Place-Name: Beoch
S. upper ‘upper lying’+ Place-Name: Beoch
Place-Name: Beoch + Scot lane ‘slow-moving stream’
Berry Hill 
Berrywood Burn
Big Coupla SSS big ‘big’ + Place-Name: Coupla
Big How SSE big ‘big, long’ + S. how ‘hollow’
Birk Burn S. birk ‘birch’ + S. burn ‘stream’
Birny Brae 
Bitch Burn
Black Bog Castle (Site of) A name from Blind Hary’s ‘The Wallace’ applied to the site of Cumnock Castle
Black ClintsS. clint ‘ crag, rock, stony’
BlackcraigSSE black + S. craig ‘rock’
Black Hill , Moss, Water
Black Loch
Blackdams Burn 
Blackfarding black + S. farding ‘farthing-land’
Blacklorg Hill G. learg ‘sloping face of a hill’
Blackstone Hill 
Blarene, Blarene Hill, Blarene Burn, Blarene Level G. blar eoin ‘plain of the birds’
Blood Burn, Moss
BlowearieS. ‘weary of the wind’
Blubber WellS. blubber ‘bubbles’ +SSE well
Blueboots Burn, Moss
Boig, Bogecorroch,Boigcurroch G. bog, buig ‘marshy, fen, swampy, ground’
G. corrach ‘uneven, shaky’
Boltcraig Hill, Bolt Craig,
Bolt Burn, ‘The Bout’
S. bowt ‘curve’ S. craig ‘rock’
S. burn ‘stream’
Bottom Burn
Bow Burn 
Bows Cottages
Braehead S. bra, brae ‘bank with a steep slope’
S. head ‘top’
Brans Knowe 
Broad Hag Burn S. hag ‘soft marshy hollow piece of ground in a moor’
BrocklochG. broclaich‘ badger’s den
Broken Moss 
Broom Knowe
Buchanny Cairn (Site of)G. both chanain ‘house of the canon?’
S. cairn ‘burial cairn’
Brydsbank, Saint
(Blaeu 1654)
Dedication to St. Bridget
Bryds Burn
(Blaeu 1654)
Dedication to St.Bridget?
Bught Knowe S. bught ‘sheep pen’
Bullet BurnG. builgeadh ‘bubbling’? + S. burn ‘stream’
Bull’s Burn
Burnfoot S. burn ‘stream’ + SSE. foot ‘bottom, foot’
farm at foot of Blarene Burn
Burnfoot mining community
BurnfootS. burn ‘stream’ + SSE. foot ‘bottom, foot’
cottage at foot of Carcow Burn
(now known as The Kennels)
Burnside S. burn ‘stream’ + SSE. side
cottage at side of Blarene Burn
Burnside mining community
Burnston Burn, Burnston Bog
Proper Name Brown + S. toun ‘farm-steading’
Burnt Hill, Knowe, Moss
Burton Burn. Burntonhill
S. burn ‘stream S. toun ‘farm settlement’

G. Gaelic, S. Scots, SSE. Standard Scottish English