Place-name:Stony Knowes Hill
Suggested Meaning:stony hillocks
stony + Scots knowes ‘hillocks’
Blaeu Coila (1654):No entry
OS Name Books (1855-57):Stony Knowes Hill
Location:Ordnance Survey (1892-1960)

Stony Knowes Hill sits adjacent to Prickney Hill near the source of the River Nith and south-west of McCowan’s Knowe

Map 1 Stony Knowes Hill | Reproduced with the permission of The National Library of Scotland

The Ordnance Survey Name Book (1855-57) entry for Stony Knowes Hill reads –

A hill near Prickeny Burn, pronounced “Stenny Nuz Hill” by the Shepherds.


Reproduced with the Permission of the National Library of Scotland
Map 1 | Ordnance Survey (1885-93) Stony Knowes Hill
Ordnance Survey Name Books
By Permission of Scotland’s Places
Ayrshire OS Name Books (1855-57) Vol. 49| Stony Knowes Hill