13: William Hyslop

William Hylsop of Blackcraig, Esq.

Residence: Blackcraig, New Cumnock and later Bank House, New Cumnock

The lands of Blackcraig, Bank and Dunside had formed part of the Barony of Afton created in 1706 for William Gordon, son of Sir William Gordon of Earlstoun ( See 6. Misses Stewart). These lands were sold in 1724 to John Cubbison of Cullenoch, the ancient name of Laurieston. This family later fell on hard times and in paying of their debts the lands of Blackcraig, Bank and Dunside were acquired by William Aird of Kelloside, Kirkconnel.

Blackcraig farm

William Aird left the these properties in the parish of New Cumnock to his young grandson William Hyslop . In his adult life William took up residence in Blackcraig in the upper reaches of  Glen Afton. He married Margaret Logan daughter of John Logan of Knockshinnoch & Laight, friend of Robert Burns. Margaret was sister-in-law of George Ranken Esq. of Whitehill. (See Heritor 9. above).

Together William Hyslop and Margaret Logan and one daughter and seven sons all born at Blackcraig. In 1838 William and his eldest son John won the Highland Society award for Blackcraig being the best managed farm in Kyle, a district of Ayrshire.


William died at Bank House in 1850 that had now become home to the Hyslop family. John and his son William played a leading role in developing the New Cumnock coalfield . The Hyslop family lair sits in the Auld Kirkyard  where the three generations of William, John and William and their spouses lie together.

Proprietor William Hyslop  Esq. of Blackcraig / Land Tax Rolls 1813 :   Blackcraig, Dunside & Bank

Hyslop family lair , Auld Kirkyard, New Cumnock