March Burn (1)

Place-name:March Burn
Suggested Meaning:boundary burn
S. march ‘boundary’
Blaeu Coila (1654):March b.
OS Name Books (1855-57):March Burn
Location:Ordnance Survey (1895)

March Burn

Scots march ‘boundary’ + Scots burn ‘stream’

There are a number of March Burns in the parish of New Cumnock and all represent a boundary of some sort from Scots march ‘a border or boundary of a country or territory [1]. The local pronunciation is mairch.

Map 1 Blaeu (1654)| Map 2 Ordnance Survey
Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

The Ordnance Survey Name Book (1855-57) entry for March Burn reads –

A burn rising at the east end of the Knipes and flowing northwards into the River Nith. It is called March Burn because in several places it is a county and parish boundary

This March Burn more or less runs along part of the ancient boundary between the Sheriffdom of Ayr and the Sheriffdom of Dumfries, later the county boundary between Ayrshire-Dumfriesshire and now the local authority boundary between East Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway. It also covers part of the parish boundary between New Cumnock and Kirkconnel.

The March Burn rises in the parish of New Cumnock and cuts back and forth over the boundary and by the time it flows under the A76 it is on the Dumfriesshire side of the boundary and remains on that side until it enters the River Nith.

Marchburn Cottage

The cottage sits on the north side of the A76 road and on the west bank of the March Burn on the Dumfriesshire side of the boundary.

March Bridge

The March Bridge, known locally as Mairch Brig, carries a B-road across the River Nith past Corsencon and onto Mansfield Road)

March Stane-Dyke

The Ayrshire-Dumfriesshire County Boundary follows the stane-dyke that cuts across the field between the Park Burn and March Burnnwhere they both enter the River Nith.


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Reproduced with the Permission of the National Library of Scotland
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