Place-Names: M

Magsbus Bog 
Mahago Rig 
Mansfield House
Mansfield Mains
Hall of Mansfield
Mansfield Cottages
Mansfield Village
Mansfield Colliery
Mansfield Burn
Mansfield Linn
Personal Surname: Mansfield
Scots mains ‘The home farm of an estate, cultivated for the proprietor’
Scots ha, haw ‘A farm-house, the main dwelling of a farm, a house, esp. on a farm, occupied by the farmer himself’
March Burn (1)
Scots march ‘boundary;
March Burn x5Scots march ‘boundary’
Marchburn Scots march ‘boundary’
Marchfoot Scots march ‘boundary’
Marchaleholme1. Personal name Marshall +
S. holme ‘water-meadow, haugh’
2. S. marschall ‘farrier’ +
S. holme ‘water-meadow, haugh’
Marshallmark 1. Personal name Marshall +
S. mark ‘merk-land’
2. S. marschall ‘farrier’ +
S. mark ‘merk-land’
Martyrs’ MossCovenanter Martyrs Moss
McCool’s Craig Personal name: Finn McCool + S. craig ‘crag, rock;
McCowan’s Knowe 
McLure’s Mill Personal Name: McLure + mill
Meeting House
Meikle Creoch Gaelic crioch ‘boundary’
Meikle Garclaugh 
Meikle Hill x2
Meikle Westland 
Meikledodd HillS. meikle ‘big’ dodd ‘bare, rounded hill’
Merkland Scots merk land‘ unit of land measure’
Merry Clints Old Scots clint ‘crag, cliff, rock’
Mid Burn x2
Mid Hill 
Mid LowesS. lowes ‘lochs’
Midhill Stell
Millaneoch Hill
Milray Hill 
Mitchell’s SykePersonal Name Mitchell +
S. sike ‘slow, sluggish stream’
Moat (remains) 
Moat Knowe x2
Moat Moss 
Momes caple (Blaeu)? moss caple ‘Horse moss’
MonqhuillG. moin chuill ‘hill of the hazel’
Moshoufe (Blaeu)See Mossback
Mossback Scots moss ‘marsh, moor’
Mounthope a name borrowed from Closeburn , Dumfriesshire
MuirfootScots moor + foot foot of the moor