Blubber Well

Place-name:Blubber Well
Suggested Meaning:‘blubbering, bubbling’
First elementOld Scots blubber ’emits bubbles’
Blaeu Coila (1654):No Entry
OS Name Books (1855-57):Blubber Well
Location:Ordnance Survey (1892-1960)
Map 1 Blubber Well | Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

The Ordnance Survey Name Books (1855-57) for Blubber Well reads –

A spring 16 chains S. S. E. [South South East] of Garclaugh Pendicle

Farmer Andy McClounie explains –

My sheep graze the Blubber’s field at Meikle Garclaugh. A good dry field with area fenced off and a constant run of water running from the spring out the bottom giving my sheep the best drinking water.


Video courtesy of Andy McClounie

Blubber Well has given its name to the adjoining field – Blubber’s Field.

Blubber Well | Photo Courtesy of Andy McClounie

Photos of Blubber’s Field along with those of Garclaugh Burn and its environs, courtesy of Andy McClounie.

Photographs and Video
Many thanks to Andy McClounie for photos and video
[1] Dictionary of the Scots Language| blubber
By Permission of National Library of Scotland 
Map 1 | Ordnance Survey, Blubber Well
Ordnance Survey Name Books
By Permission of Scotland’s Places
Ayrshire OS Name Books (1855-57) Vol. 49| Blubber Well