Place-Names: A

Afton BridgendOne of original four villages that made up New Cumnock located at west side of the bridge over Afton Water.
Afton WaterW. afon G. abhain ‘water, river’
S. water ‘ burn < water < river’
Ail-, Al-G. ail, al ‘rock of -‘
Alhang Hill, Alhang BurnG. al ‘rock, steep place’ +G. chumhang ‘narrow
SSE hill ‘hill’, S. burn ‘stream’
Alwhat Hill, Alwhat BurnG. al ‘rock, steep place’ + G. chat ‘cat’
SSE hill ‘hill, S. burn ‘stream’
Ashbeugh GlennG. easbuig ‘bishop’?
Ashmark, Ashmark HillS. esche ‘ash-tree’ + S. mark ‘merk-land’
SSE hill ‘hill’
Auch-, Auchen-, Auchin-
G. achadh na ‘field of the –‘
Auchincally Hill, Auchincally Burn
G. achadh na ‘field of the’ + G. calliche ‘old wife’
SSE hill ‘hill, S. burn ‘stream’
Auchincross and
Hall of Auchincross

G. achadh na ‘field of -‘ +
1. G. croisg ‘crossing over the ridge’
2. G. croise ‘cross’
S. hall ‘residence of laird’
AuchingeeG. achadh na ‘field of the –‘ + 1. G. gaoth ‘wind
2. G. geadh ‘goose’
Auchintow HillG. achadh na ‘field’ + G. toll ‘hollow’ SSE hill ‘hill’
Auchtitench LanePlace-Name Auchtitench + S. lane ‘slow-moving stream’
G. ochdamh, ochtamh ‘an eighth part’ +
G. teanga ‘tongue shaped land’
Auldnaw Burn and Auldnaw Glen
 G. allt ‘stream with precipious banks’ + G. atha ‘kiln’
S. burn ‘stream’ S. glen ‘a valley traversed by a stream’
Abbreviations: G. Gaelic, S. Scots, SSE. Standard Scottish English W. Welsh