Place-Names: A

Afton WaterW. afon G. abhain ‘water, river’
Ail-, Al-G. ail, al ‘rock of -‘
Alhang hillG. al ‘rock of ?’
Alwhat hillG. al chat ‘rock of the wild cat’
AshmarkS. esche mark ‘ash-tree merk-land’
Auch-, Auchen-, Auchin-
G. achadh na ‘field of the –‘
Auchincally hillG. achadh na calliche
‘field of the old wife ’
Auchincross, Hall of Auchincross1. G. achadh na croisg
‘field of the crossing over the ridge’
2. G. achadh na croise
‘field of the cross’
AuchingeeG. achadh geadh
‘field of the goose’
Auchintow hillG. achadh toll
‘field of the hollow’
Auchtitench laneG. ochdamh teanga
‘an eighth land of tongue shaped land’
Auldnaw  G. allt atha
‘burn of the kiln’
Abbreviations:G. Gaelic, S. Scots, W. Welsh