Place-Names: A

Afton BridgendOne of original four villages that made up New Cumnock located at west side of the bridge over Afton Water.
Afton Water, Glen AftonAfton 1. W. afon ‘water, river’ G. abhainn ‘water, river’
Afton 2. G. abh ‘water’ G. donn ‘brown’
S. water ‘ burn < water < river’
S. glen ‘glen, valley’
Ail-, Al-G. ail, al ‘rock of -‘
Alhang, Alhang BurnG. al ‘rock, steep place’ + G. chumhang ‘narrow
S. burn ‘stream’
Alwhat, Alwhat BurnG. al ‘rock, steep place’ + G. chat ‘cat’
S. burn ‘stream’
Ashbeugh GlennG. easbuig ‘bishop’?
Ashmark, Ashmark HillS. esche ‘ash-tree’ + S. mark ‘merk-land’
SSE hill ‘hill’
Auch-, Auchen-, Auchin-
G. achadh na ‘field of the –‘
Auchincally Hill, Auchincally Burn
G. achadh na ‘field of the’ + G. calliche ‘old wife’
SSE hill ‘hill, S. burn ‘stream’
Auchincross and
Hall of Auchincross

G. achadh na ‘field of -‘ +
1. G. croisg ‘crossing over the ridge’
2. G. croise ‘cross’
S. hall ‘residence of laird’
AuchingeeG. achadh na ‘field of the –‘ + 1. G. gaoth ‘wind
2. G. geadh ‘goose’
Auchintow HillG. achadh na ‘field’ + G. toll ‘hollow’ SSE hill ‘hill’
Auchtitench LanePlace-Name Auchtitench + S. lane ‘slow-moving stream’
G. ochdamh, ochtamh ‘an eighth part’ +
G. teanga ‘tongue shaped land’
Auldnaw Burn and Auldnaw Glen
 G. allt ‘stream with precipious banks’ + G. atha ‘kiln’
S. burn ‘stream’ S. glen ‘a valley traversed by a stream’
Abbreviations: G. Gaelic, S. Scots, SSE. Standard Scottish English W. Welsh