Crawfurd of Auchinames
‘This family were, from their very first descent from the family of Loudon, possessed of the twelve pound land, of old extent, of Auchinames in Renfrewshire, the fourteen pound lands of Corsby, the six pound lands of Manock and Gills, the five merk lands of Auldmuir, and the five merk lands of Whiteside, all in the shire of Ayr, being thirty-eight pounds and one merk of old extent; all of which lands were in the possession of Thomas Crawfurd of Auchinames, grandchild of Sir Ranald Crawfurd of Loudon, sheriff of Ayr.’

Alexander Nisbet [1]

Hew Craufurd was the 6th child of Patrick Craufurd of Auchinames (Renfrewshire) and Jean Craufurd of Crosbie (Ayrshire). He graduated from University of Glasgow (M.A.) [2] in 1648 and five years later was ordained as the first minister of the parish of New Cumnock.

He married Euphemia Cunningham the widow of William Cunninghame, minister of West Kilbride (who died in 1669) and together they had two sons* – Hugh and John and two daughters. They lived at Nether Garrieve (now known as Mansfield).

N. Garrif 2. Site of Kirk | Reproduced with permission of The National Library of Scotland

The lands of Garrieve were later renamed Mansfield, nothing to do with a church, but the surname of the new landowner’s wife.

[1] Alexander Nisbet ‘A System of Heraldry’, New Edition, VOL. II. (1984)
[2] Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae
Reproduced with permission of The National Library of Scotland
Map 1| Blaeu Coila Provincia (1654)