1874-Oct-26: Lanemark No. 2

1.Robert Ross19crushed between wagons

According to the Scottish Mining Website entry for Robert Ross, the 19 year old waggon-shifter was killed on 26 October 1874 at Lanemark No. 2 pit. The cause of death is categorised under “Above ground” with the details recorded as “crushed between the buffers of two waggons”.

His death certificate confirms that Robert was killed on 26 October and that the cause of death as “crushed between two waggons in abdomen”. His age has been omitted but identifies him as being single and the illegitimate son of Jessie Ross.

Robert’s occupation is given as a pit labourer and that the place of death was Boigside Cottages, as witnessed by his neighbour John Dickson. It is not clear if Boigside Cottage was his usual place ofvresidence or not. However, the cottage sits  just south of Lanemark, Boigside No.2 pit and the junction of two mineral railways.

Map 1 Boigside Cottage | Reproduced with the permission of the Naional Library of Scotland
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Map 1| Boigside Cottage
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