11: William Howatson

William Howatson of Craigdarroch

Residence: Cronberry, Auchinleck

Andrew Howatson and his wife Margaret Campbell moved their family from Pencloe to Craigdarroch a few miles further up the Afton valley after acquiring the properties of Craigdarroch and the neighbouring lands of Monthraw in the early 18th century. The Howatson family continued to live at Craigdarroch until Charles Howatson (b. 1757 d. 1822) and his family moved to Cronberry, Auchinleck at the turn of the century.

The Howatson family lair in the Auld Kirkyard in New Cumnock rests against the walls of the Auld Kirk. See Howatson of Craigdarroch here

Craigdarroch in the shadow of Stayamrie

Andrew Howatson MD, son of Charles, inherited Craigdarroch and Monthraw and on his death (1827) they passed to his brother William Howatson, farmer at Cronberry.

William passed away in 1882, aged 74 years and is buried in Auchinleck Kirkyard, by which time the lands of Craigdarroch and Monthraw had been acquired by the Craig family, formerly of Polquheys.

The ruins of Monthraw with Cannock hill

Proprietor Charles Howatson Esq / Land Tax Rolls 1803:  Monthraw and Craigdarroch