01: Hew Craufurd


New Cumnock Parish Church (Auld Kirk)

<1653-1662 & 1688-1692

HUGH CRAUFURD fourth son of Patrick C. of Auchenames and Jane Craufurd of Crosbie ; educated at Univ. of Glasgow; M.A. (1648); adm. before 1653 ; deprived by Act of Parliament llth June, and Decreet of Privy Council 1st Oct. 1662. He had sasine of the lands of Garrive July 1669. He became indulged min. at Riccarton in 1672, and afterwards held a charge in Ireland ; returned here at the Toleration; died May 1692, aged about 64. He marr. Eupham, daugh. of John Cunningham of Baidland, and widow of William Cunningham, min. of West Kilbride, and had issue Hugh of Garrive ; John, apothecary, Paisley.

[Burke s Landed Gentry, 12th Ed., 452; New G. R. Sas.,xxiii.;Acts of Parl., viii. ; Nisbet s Her.,ii. ; Bailiary of Cunningham Deeds, 23rd May 1685 ; G. R. Homings, 1st Oct. 1685.]

HUGH CRAUFURD, his second daughter [Reg. of Deeds, Durie, 194, 23rd Dec 1736]

HUGH CRAUFURD, MA., formerly of New Cumnock ; had an indulgence jointly with preceding (Hugh Campbell – see below) by Privy Council 3rd Sept. 1672; was cited to appear before Privy Council llth Aug. 1677, and his cautioners also 31st Aug. 1681. He returned to New Cumnock in 1688.

HUGH CAMPBELL, son of William,son of Charles C. of Horsecleugh ; educated at Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1646) ; adm. 4th Sept. 1650 ; deprived by Act of Parliament llth June, and Decreet of Privy Council 1st May 1662; was accused March 1669 of preaching and baptizing irregularly ; returned under an indulgence by Privy Council 3rd Sept. 1672, but was accused by the Diocesan Synod, 22nd Oct. 1674, of baptizing irregularly. He returned in 1687.

HUGH CRAUFURD, MA., formerly min. of New Cumnock ; min. at Glenarm 1685 to 1688; returned to Scotland 1688 and re-adm. at New Cumnock at New Cumnock; died 1692.

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