Ayrshire and Arran Tourism Strategy

On 14th February, 2011, the Ayrshire Economic Partnership (AEP) made a commitment to work together to strengthen and develop the tourism sector in Ayrshire & Arran by supporting business growth, creating jobs and improving our communities. This Ayrshire & Arran Tourism Strategy 2012-17 is the first tangible step in fulfilling that commitment – a strategy that has been developed and shaped through extensive engagement from all stakeholders. The strategy recognises the great strengths and assets that we have, setting out a clear vision and ambitious objectives.

The AEP members, and the organisations they represent, are fully committed to supporting the sector in implementing the strategy. Success will require businesses, the voluntary sector, communities, as well as the public sector to all make significant contributions, sustained over the five years.
Whether you are actively involved within the sector already, or have a more general interest in seeing the region prosper, we would encourage you to get engaged and get involved.

Click here for Ayrshire and Arran Tourist Strategy

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